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Well I only wanted to make you smile. You're everything I've wanted, everything I need. Well I only wanted to make you laugh. The single best line in any song, anywhere.

Originally written and recorded by Kris Kristofferson, Smith's version would peak at No. May your restless nature let you roam. May your woman give you love.

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20 of the Saddest Country Songs

Break the body, but not the will. Any help is much appreciated. To wash his feet, as it were, with the tears of our love, and to anoint his head with the oil of our appreciation. You say that time has taken all the friends that once were yours.

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If any lyrics geniuses out there knows it let me know. Lyrics submitted by H-bomb. The forlorn would wipe their eyes again. When the sky begins to rumble.

Is it longshot - catfish and the bottlemen. You never should have asked her for a dance. The last swig left on my best bottle of booze. Those shattered dreams have breathed their last. He had a wounded heart, free mobile it took the rest of him.

I m Free (The Who song)

SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Forgiven for what I haven't been, and loved for what I am. But you know you've got to come to me. But I was right from mine. Oh holy Spirit, lead me where you will.

Dwight Jordan, it's a fact. It is a message from her beloved husband, wishing she were with him. So Ziggy does this and there is terrible news. The man then asks the artist to paint a picture of the plans he had for his lost love.


On a quiet morning in the early spring. Burning the candle at both ends. Raised a flag every morning in the early light. May the trail not be rocky when you ride. Do not be afraid, do not be afraid of death.

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Better Man (Pearl Jam song)

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  1. The cougar stalks the weakened doe.
  2. And I can hear Him talk to me.
  3. An icon of country music, Hank Williams Sr.
  4. Where gold lies hidden beyond our reach.
  5. It was the sound and the look - I found a Creem magazine with pics of Mott and Bowie and Bolan and all the British glam rock stars splashed everywhere on the pages.
  6. He looked like the creature from the Labyrinth.

In the song, a man encounters a painter on the beach and asks if he paints anything besides ocean scenes. The song concludes on an uncertain note as the boy and his family prepare to move to California, black dating in nashville tn and McBride wonders what will become of the boy. Not a slow song but it's kinda fast. If you know a song the lyrics some lyrics are.

Johnny Cash
3. Pioneers in the music industry

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They couldn't cope with societies stuff. May you speak no unkind remark. Gonna build my ranch in some wide open space. Country artists have recorded some of the most poignant tearjerkers of all time.

Relationships so often slip. Lucy likes to stay up all night. That's how it always goes. The storms would die and the dead would live.

Mark Willis released this chart-topping single in from his album of the same name. May your chaps flap free in the wind. And we would not free him, we chose Barabas instead. Lord I'm so grateful for the freedom that you give.

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They don't call people like Mr. At the hospital, the grieving man is handed a note from his deceased wife. May your spurs jingle-jangle in perfect time.

If someone could helpe it would be wonderful. Your cigarette burned slowly. You're holding all the aces.

  • With your predatory nature.
  • And I can feel Him living for me.
  • The crowd was quietly shaken by the turn of events.
  • Canadian geese engaged in lively foreign talk.
  • The final refrain of the Mule Skinner Blues.

But there are still a few who love you and who long to hear you say. Was your gentle nature somehow just. American boy got your foot on the gas. With a few good next of kin. He was the one who would down his life.

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But where are all the friends of the unfortunate now? Bowie supposedly just wrote this on the spot. My love shall be thy constant portion. The gentle breezes seem to whisper sacred reasons.

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