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When she quit, they were left without any storylines. You avoid being desperate and jumping on yet you still get your life ruined by it all. Tommy, Diags and Dan team up to take Arg's mind off Lydia and takes him camping, but they controversially don't invite Jake to minimise the agg. Kardashian's personal life soon became subject to widespread media attention. Words from Charlie bring Gemma and Bobby closer together, whilst Jon has another confrontation with Mike.

  1. Ricky Rayment, Ricky now seems to mainly go fishing.
  2. Debbie is drained from Arg and Lydia's problems, whilst Carol milks a cow for part of her bucket list.
  3. Jasmin is still being papped, which is more than can be said for some of the other ex-Towie stars.

Chloe S feels Megan and Pete have isolated themselves from the group out of stubbornness, whilst Chloe M introduces her new boyfriend to everybody. Elsewhere, Jake struggles to see why Ferne is giving his girlfriend so much agg, and Lewis has a confession to make as he tells Pete that he and Jess have kissed. Elsewhere, Lewis takes Nicole to play basketball on their date but things immediately turn frosty as they discuss their past, and Vas agrees to be civil with Chloe L. Reality sets in for Nicole as she realises Lewis and Mike are chasing after her to score points. It usually depends on where I shop.

He was cut in January due to a lack of storylines as he was loved-up outside the telly show. Their relationship was turbulent but apparently not turbulent enough for show producers. Amber Dowding, If Amber's social media is anything to go by, she now appears to mostly be on holiday.

Later that year, she and her family began to appear in the E! The girls fear that Chloe L and Jake have isolated themselves by not attending as many group events anymore, online dating whilst Danni and Lockie continue to flirt. Chris and Amber D get their relationship back on track when he surprises her with a trip to New York for Christmas.

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He made a welcome return to the show as Bobby Norris's love interest but, allegedly, cheated on him. Elsewhere Lockie has an apology to make, and Megan goes to her Mum for advice. Time will heal and lessen the power of the event.

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Gorgeous Chloe insisted she was single after splitting from co-star Jake Hall and admitted she thought Mario was cute, which angered Emma who went on a Twitter rant last night. Sadly, Mario still had the hots for his former flame Lucy Mecklenburgh. Pascal found out when she watched the episode in which Mario admitted his feelings for Lucy. Danni and Lockie go on another date and agree to continue dating to see how things progress. Danni puts her foot in it with Chloe S by telling her about Elliott's new girlfriend, and Arg is forced to step in when Vas and Lydia's ongoing feud continues.

The best juicers to buy today - get squeezing! Danni isn't happy at Lockie returning to his old ways, whilst Arg isn't happy with Arg for grassing him up to Jess. Bobby decides to become an author, seeking advice from Carol and Joan over what his debut book could be about, and Jordan finds out that Jon has been speaking about him behind his back. Please help this article by looking for better, destiny more reliable sources. They've now split and Chris has reappeared on the show.

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Elsewhere Ferne's attempt to let Liam down gently backfires when he accuses her of leading him on. We do not believe that is a real guitar. Harry Derbridge was a Towie original and still holds a very special place in our hearts. Grace Andrews, Grace is now involved in a semi-permanent make-up company.

Lauren and Jon agree to put their turbulent relationship to rest, and Megan strongly denies the cheating rumours against her. He used to work in the City, and his holidays certainly look pretty epic, so maybe that. Lauren G is back to give all important advice to Danni, and Arg promises Lydia that will be their year.

TOWIE Yazmin Oukhellou reveals her diet secrets

He was given the boot after a series of recordings, claiming to show Dan being verbally abusive towards his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin, came to light. Elsewhere Chloe S urges Arg to speak to Gemma and sort out their differences, and Amber T is far from impressed to hear that Dan has arranged a boys trip to Dublin. Bobby channels his butch side by going to play rugby with the boys, and Ferne is caught in an awkward situation when Chloe L catches her talking about her leading to a head-to-head. Jasmin managed eight series until she was given the boot. Jasmin Walia, Jasmin is still being papped, best the which is more than can be said for some of the other ex-Towie stars.

Harry now works it as a make-up artist. Tommy also argued with James Locke, who has recently launched his own club, Luxe, and he insisted his night would be a lot better. As Megan and Georgia come face-to-face to discuss the current rift between them, my best friend dating my the pair end up clashing over further underlying issues.

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Lewis attempts to make amends after feeling isolated by everybody in Essex, and Mario returns to give Nelly a Christmas gift. Elsewhere Chloe S clashes with Pete when she comes face-to-face with him, whilst Courtney lets her insecurities get in the way of her happiness with Myles. Tommy is there for Arg as his recovery begins to slip, and Georgia fears that the situation could get worse without Lydia by his side. Jack and Jordan plan a team bonding session for the girls in an attempt to bring Megan and Chloe M back together again. Ten easy vegan desserts that everyone will love.

Elsewhere Pete is delivered another heart-breaking blow when further rumours about Megan surface, and Arg, Dan and Diags learn how to treat ladies properly. He finally sort of confessed that he'd done the dirty with Megan McKenna in a very emosh scene on a park bench. Lewis attacks Pete following a harsh opinion of his situation with Mike, and Vas bickers about the other group in Essex.

Fran's original romantic interest was Tom Pearce but he stepped aside to allow Diags to woo her. My secret to good roasties is to use goose fat, rub them in garlic paste and sprinkle Parmesan on them. Meanwhile, Chloe Sims and Elliott Wright seem to be getting close once again we can't keep up with these two and she was in tears after trying to smooth things over with brother Charlie. Backpackers Tourists get massive fine after brewing a coffee by historic landmark.

The Only Way Is Essex (series 16)

  • Dan tells Kate he wants to be with her again but she admits he would have to earn her trust again if he has any hope.
  • Jake finally has a stand-off with Mike but is left fuming when Georgia and Lydia fail to take his side.
  • This series focused on the strain on Chloe M and Courtney's friendship and their bickering boyfriends, as well as Gemma struggling to come to terms with her feelings towards Arg.
  • Pretty goals from where we're sitting.
  • Debbie welcomes Vas with open arms, the tension grows between Jake and Mike, and Lydia is grateful for Tommy's support towards Arg.
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Chris defends Jon when he hears Lauren talk about him behind his back, unaware that what she was saying was the truth, and that Jon has gone back to his ex-girlfriend. If Amber's social media is anything to go by, she now appears to mostly be on holiday. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. Lauren and Jon hit the rocks again when she realises he may not be the one for her, and Tommy reaches out to Pete in his time of need. Those Towie stars must really hate cleanser.

We still think very fondly of Ricky. Before she was famous, Kim was a stylist for Lindsay Lohan and Brandy. Amber T and Megan finally reach out to Chloe M to make amends, but tongues get wagging when Georgia and Amber D feel the extended olive branch is from an ulterior motive.

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Harry Derbridge, Harry now works it as a make-up artist. Elsewhere, Ferne and Jake team up against Chloe L. Click to play Tap to play. Love Island's Hayley Hughes reveals her diet secrets. Jordan and Jack were brought in as friends of Megan McKenna.

The Only Way Is Essex (series 21)

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Elsewhere Danni and Yaz have an awkward confrontation, and Gemma offers herself on a plate to Arg but is sad when he turns down the opportunity for a relationship. She claimed that she and her boyfriend Chris Clark were cut because they were happy. Grace is now involved in a semi-permanent make-up company.

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