Hook up portable oxygen tank, how to connect tubing to an oxygen tank

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The smallest and lightest cylinders are used with a system called pulse dose. Adjust the slider to fit snugly but comfortably under your chin. To make sure that we are providing you with the best solution and answer we ask that you give us a call and talk to a specialist so that they can best assist you. While lighter and longer-lasting, a pulse dose system is not for everyone. The guide holes are two smaller, side-by-side holes just below the oxygen outlet.

  1. And now I need Oxygen at night.
  2. If you closed the valve totally, you will see the needle go down.
  3. Refer to your owners manual for unit specific information.

Does Medicare cover oxygen concentrators, at least in part? Slide the regulator over the cylinder stem lining up the two pins in the regulator with the two holes in the cylinder valve stem. Place the cannula on your face and adjust for comfort. The regulator also indicates the pressure that is remaining in the cylinder as well as controls the flow rate of the oxygen output.

Oxygen tank hook up

Hook up portable oxygen tank

The humidity setting is up to you based on what you are comfortable with. The extra double battery is even more amazing. Weakened throat muscles, in those affected, tend to close up and breathing can stop for extended periods of time. Tip Make sure your home medical equipment provider goes over safety procedures with you when your portable compressed oxygen system is delivered. You should hear a slight hissing sound and the needle on the pressure gauge should move to indicate how much oxygen is in the cylinder.

OxyGo has restored my confidence in getting where I want to be, alexa chung dating history and my enjoyment in doing what I love. Do not use alcohol or vinegar to clean your mask. They type of tubing you need will need to be open on both ends.


Do ypi sell a comtinuous flow poc? Never change the oxygen flow rate from the prescribed amount unless directed by your physician. Turn the flow rate to your prescribed liter flow or setting. There are several types of portable oxygen systems but the most commonly prescribed system uses a metal cylinder filled with compressed oxygen. Hi Gary, There are several options that can be used.

Hook up portable oxygen tank

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Is it dual purpose, for sleep and awake? Make sure you push the rubber portion of the tube as far forward as it comfortably allows. Slip the regulator over the neck of the cylinder and align the regulator pins with the guide holes on the neck. The oxygen outlet is a single, large hole toward the top of the neck.

As long as you have a prescription from your doctor that indicates your need for Sleep Apnea equipment you can absolutely purchase a new mask. Technology and Treatments for Sleep Apnea. The answer to this question is very straightforward. Freedom to be the type of person she was before. Place the nasal cannula on your face with the nasal prongs pointing downward into your nose and the tubing looped over each ear.

How to connect tubing to an oxygen tank

How to Test Oxygen Tank Pressure. Purchasing Research Maintenance Other. Not sure where to connect the tubing to your machine? Hand tighten using the T bar on the regulator. Make sure the pins on the regulator are engaged in the guide holes and turn the T-screw on the end clockwise to tighten.

  • Wiggle the rubber end of your tubing onto the plastic tube of your mask.
  • Sleep apnea is a very serious and potentially life-threatening disorder.
  • Call us at and one of our specialists can get one shipped to you.
  • What humidity setting di I use with a heated hose.

After you've connected your mask, tubing, and adapter together you'll want to connect your cannula for your oxygen concentrator to the small end of the Bleed-In Adapter. It can if you have a continuous flow oxygen concentrator. Next, examine the regulator to verify that it has a good washer in place.

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How to Hook Up Portable Oxygen

Do not use petroleum-based products such as Vaseline as these products may present a fire risk. We do, in fact, sell continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators. The Oxygen unit is heavy and on rollers. The model of oxygen concentrator you have doesn't matter, as long as it has the oxygen dosage setting you need. There is an adapter available.

Hook up portable oxygen tank

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Place the cylinder wrench on top of neck again and turn counterclockwise one-half turn. If your oxygen levels decrease while using the pulse dose, it just may not work for you. Is there an adapter I need, where do I find it Thank you. There is another important procedure to follow in turning on both machines, and turning them off. The short end of the bleed-in adapter attaches to the end of the oxygen tubing.

Thank you for your inquiry. Immediately close the cylinder valve. The portable cylinders vary in size.

Below is a general how-to guide for using your regulator and portable oxygen cylinder. The portable oxygen cylinder is a modality that permits an active oxygen user to leave the home to go shopping, to run errands, go to the doctors, to church, on vacation, etc. With the cylinder standing upright, place the cylinder wrench a special tool for working with portable compressed oxygen on top of the neck. Do not smoke or allow others to smoke near you while oxygen is in use.

We can help you and get one ordered. We look forward to assisting you. Your doctor can run a series of tests to help determine the safest and most effective sleep solution for you.

Here's how to hook up a portable compressed oxygen system. If you have any questions about hooking up your portable compressed oxygen system, always consult your physician, respiratory therapist or home medical equipment provider. The heated hose should not change how you hook up your machine.

How to Hook Up Portable Oxygen
Using the Portable Oxygen Cylinder

The prescribed flowrate is set by turning the control knob. If you're on oxygen therapy, your doctor may have prescribed a portable oxygen system for use when you're away from home. Push the end of your cannula firmly over the first nob until secure. Before OxyGo she could not go to Columbus, two hours away to see my sister. Turn the wrench counterclockwise slightly to clear any dust or debris from the outlet.

How to Hook Up Portable Oxygen

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If you do not have a washer, call your supplier. Thank you for your inquiry, free dating in south LeRoy. Do not settle with an uncomfortable mask.

How to connect tubing to an oxygen tank

Thus, a pulse dose system can use a much smaller and lighter cylinder to provide many more hours of oxygen allowing the oxygen user to be much more active. Second, you must show that you can maintain a good blood saturation while on the pulse dose system. The regulator is the oblong piece with the pressure gauge toward the center and the flow rate indicator window and control dial on the end.

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