Dating vox tone bender, 12 of the best tone bender style fuzz pedals

12 of the Best Tone Bender Style Fuzz Pedals

Buy this one for the sound! We do stand behind our merchandise and try our best to make sure that it is working properly. Works like the day it was new back in or so. This ideally suits the no-nonsense purists who actually like the reassurance of a substantial hunk of metal.

Any Vox Tonebender users/lovers here

Fuzz - Vox Tone Bender

It has the authentic twin dials, and a very accurate replication of the original circuit. But I believe these pedals were made in Italy. Unverified Member with Confirmed Address are advised to contact Paypal to immediately update their Member status. The knobs rotate very smoothly and the foot switch feels like it's working normally.

Ask them Warranty for new products It is based on a company whoch makes the product. This modification allowed notes to be sustained for up to twenty seconds according to Gary. No guarantee as to the condition of the individual electronic components.

No box, adaptor it only uses batteries! This sounds amazing, does not cut out, no stutter, and is a mean machine. That said, each of those session men frequented Macaris, dating a and this does seem to be a case of confusing one session guy for another. Has some general wear from age and use.

And he went away, and came back with this phenominal thing. Negative feedback or filing a case. The reason being, disabled girl dating he owned the only fuzz box in the country at that time. The many pictures speak to the cosmetic condition. Please ask for more pictures if you want them.

Catalinbread Katzenkonig MKII - 137

See my other listings for power supplies and adapters. Please contact us for an accurate international shipping quote before bidding or buying, as cost varies by buyer location. Please feel free to come check out our gear in person. Great sounding germanium fuzz. Note there is no Charing Cross Road address listed, indicating that address was still the Vox shop at this time, things to know but Larry Macari was apparently still working there as the sales manager.

Please do not ask to have the value be stated lower. The circuit board is unmodified, and this pedal sounds incredible! Switches and jacks work well without issues and cosmetically the pedal is extremely clean, with only a few nicks and scratches in the hammerite enclosure and silver faceplate. This was standard procedure in recording studios. These were also sold under the Colorsound and Park brand names with slight variations in circuit and sound.

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Please wait for me to invoice you, as I will get actual shipping to your location. The snap on the bag is without issue. Some of his fellow guitarists are Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton. It may need some tweaking to get it back to original performance.

  • And he just got a fuzz box and he used that for the solo.
  • It is an almost note-for-note replica of the Kink's solo.
  • It's a good commercial sound but you've got to look after them.
  • They were rather unlike the pedals that you see today in that they had a separate foot switch attached to the box by a length of cable.

Check my feedback and buy with confidence. Extremely low noise output when not playing or bypassed. And I will answer all questions in a prompt and honest manner. Shows wear tot he housing but in perfect working order.

Blackout Effectors Fubar MKII - 189


This exact transistor was also used in the s Vox Tone Bender. The resistor on top has been bridged with a piece of wire that is not soldered on. Vox engineer Alan Harding who would later work with the Macaris was even sent on tour with the Beatles to keep their amps running. This fuzz box would indirectly have an influence on session guitarist Jimmy Page a few years later. Both were favorites of producer Shel Talmy.

There is a small scratch on one side. Attack and Level controls, in and out jacks, and that's it. Manual, or power supply are specifically mentioned in the listing, you will not receive them.

It gives the pedal more volume and can be taken off without any damage being done. No matter how many you purchase. It will be shipped on the first business day after sale.

Vic did state he remembered being in Macaris often and talking about the limitations of the Fuzz Tone. The tone stack is slightly enhanced though to provide touch more modern overdrive tones as well as the vintage style fuzz. Which have become famous for their warm tone and high gain. It's certainly a marginally different sounding Tonebender-type which may well appeal to some players. He claims he told Vic he could build him a better one, and that became the circuit the original Tone Bender was based on.

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  1. Click here to see my other auctions.
  2. For sale is a Lovepedal Bonetender fuzz.
  3. Both of these are great pedals, but neither has made my wishlist.
  4. So I built, when I was working with the Admiralty, a version of a germanium fuzz box loosely based on the Maestro.
  5. Thank you for your understanding and please bid with confidence.

It's not pretty but it works. Epstien promised the Beatles would use them on stage in public, in return for letting Vox use their images free of charge. Even though it was shown earlier, the Vox Distortion Booster was apparently not actually in stores until October or November due to production delays.

A Player s Guide to Fuzz 17 Flavors Throughout History

Tonebender MKI vs. MKII Pro vs. Ge Fuzz face which one
Any Vox Tonebender users/lovers here

Working condition as you can tell from the several pictures I posted above. And have not used it much. Please contact us with any questions or concerns prior to bidding or buying.

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