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Ideal for playing at home or smaller venues. The Celestion log book entry for T mentions a change in the doping, but having owned both models I could not see or hear a difference between them. Smooth high end, punchy lows no farting out at all and nice upper mid range emphasis.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. But where does that leave everyone else? They were not exclusive to Marshall as I had originally thought, but are pretty rare to find in anything other than Marshall. The amps are produced in China. By continuing to use this site, online dating guy you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Any greenback speakers with pre-April date codes printed on the chassis leg are likely to be fakes. Pre-Rola Greenbacks Explained. It allows for more cone movement and this results in a louder speaker, with a looser feel. Review with photos, video, audio, specifications, schematic diagram and more.

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Instead of a permanently magnetic magnet, electricity was used to make the magnetic field. Alnico models are now here. First, the circuitry was constructed using old-fashioned tag strips.

  1. Also Ceramic magnets were cheaper to make than Alnico, hence their usage in the s instead of Alnico.
  2. Use the stamp location colour codes to guide you.
  3. It has less mid-range, and more of a scooped tone.
  4. They are excellent speakers.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Admins, text dating calgary could something be programmed? Japanese- built Takamine Pro Series guitars can be reliably dated from the eight- digit serial numbers typically found at the neck block inside the instruments. Notice the unusual solder terminals. Second tube is the reverb driver.

Manufacturer Source Codes. Author Write something about yourself. Takamine Models Distributed in Japan.

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Earlier Oxfords can be excellent speakers. In most cases the first letter represents the month, and the second letter represents the year. Japanese- made Takamine models distributed in Japan have their own serial- numbering scheme that can be used to reliably date them. Also where is this voice coil gap? Association Source- Date Codes.

65 Oxford speakers

If the amp has tremolo or vibrato, it will have at least one. If it's a one- digit number you need to determine the correct. The truth is, a lot of Celestion date codes do not correspond with those formats and this confuses a lot of people.

What I'm saying is that pot and capacitory date codes are not a reliable indicator of guitar build dates. Fender phase inverters in. Jason, ime, dating my father those low efficiency Oxfords don't perform matched with anything except another speaker that has a very simular efficiency rating.

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  • Very nice sounding speakers.
  • The English version offers selected articles from.
  • It was introduced in to meet the growing demand for louder amplifiers.
  • It is not a code that I have seen for any Oxford guitar speaker.
  • Electronic components such as transformers, potentiometers, speakers, and.

Originally they looked very similar to the T with just the gold Rola Thames Ditton labels on the back, but with the standard solder terminals. The bottom cab is the sweeter, more articulate cab. Since I primarily collect amps by Fender, and guitars by Gibson, Fender, Martin, National, Epiphone, Gretsch and Rickenbacker, I really can't help them with these other less popular brands.

No need to be fancy, just an overview. So long as one tube from each pair is on one side of the. It may have been some time before the part was installed at the factory, 2 months dating christmas gift but it still provides a good approximation of when the gear was made. Serial numbers show approximate date of manufacture.

Vintage Vox AC30 serial number/date help

Usually this isn't too difficult. Fender amps are rather primitive compared to modern devices- -if you. Strong in the upper mid range.

Vintage Celestion Greenback Models G12S G12M G12H - Bygone Tones

Other variants include the T, which is the same as the T but without the plastic magnet cover. That is, the Oxfords won't be heard. This article has multiple issues. Dude, being Alnico, thsoe Oxfords probably pre-date the change that Oxford made to the voice coil gap. Home Blog Community About Contact.

Speaker Codes And What They Mean

If you can't, read the above information again! They are tighter sounding and less boomy. Celestion date codes are located on the front gasket, the chassis, or a magnet sticker. If so, you can check the pot or speaker for the source-date code, and determine an approximate age from that. Date codes are printed horizontally on the frame.

Vox Amp Date of manufacture

Oxford Speaker Identification

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Looking to find a good re-coner for the job. No, create an account now. Solid - state rectifiers do not wear out as.

The new cabinets featured a different covering known as fawn Rexine, which was a sort of beige leathercloth with a subtle printed grain. Are the wires of the right era cloth insulation for older stuff? Maybe the farty low end people tend to complain about was experienced with worn out speakers cause these things are really punchy.

Bias should be adjusted when tubes are. The T is probably the most sought after greenback model of them all! In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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The amp also featured a solid-state rectifier to increase reliability. The only time you will hear those speakers though, is if you run the bottom cab by itself. If you wish to use modern tubes in such amps, stick to a true. As you have probably noticed, there is plenty of information here to help date the brands that I am interested in.

Celestion Date Codes Chart

The VOX Showroom - The Vox AC30TB and AC30TBX Amplifiers

Fender 12 by Eminence Dating

Well I'm not one to leave you out in the informational cold, so here's something that I use quite often in dating amplifiers and electric guitars. These inspection numbers can be ignored for dating purposes. Although the stamp formats can be useful for verification, I do not recommend using them as the main basis for dating your speakers. Anyway, with it came the original speakers which are both dry as the desert sand and torn. There are some other codes used on Jensen speakers, as shown below.

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