Dating m1 carbine serial number, post wwii commercially manufactured m1 carbines (u.s.a.)

Does anyone keep records of what soldier carried what serial number rifle? My serial number is Regards Lloyd. That's what I thought too but here's the gun number I may have messed up and I could not find it on the sight is it first second or third gen? His health records, promotions, disiplinary matters, transfers and a number of other personal information.

Universal M1 Carbine Production History

He gave the guy all the letters his dad had written about him. He got along with his mother but he and his father has issues that he never talked about. Frankly, I'd pick up the Universal first if anyone was attempting to cause harm to my wife and myself.

Or are there no records like this at all that there is public access to? Even in such cases, however, the information only reveals the date and destination of the shipment from the factory. For example, factory letters can often be obtained for some U. When the rifle was issued it was inspected and the bore condition was entered on this page.

He honestly didn't even think his dad liked him all that much. Interestly, the son had no interest in getting it back. No jokes or teasing, in all seriousness.

While interesting, there is no subsequent information revealed regarding the gun in question. Saw one on ebay not too long ago but I dont want to end up getting a fake. Duckworth qualified with the rifle at Camp Beauregard but thought it was too heavy and recoiled too much and he much preferred his Marlin. Aesthetics, which, without argument, lies in the eyes of the beholder, plus history. Later reorganized as Universal Firearms.

All dates and serial numbers are approximate

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What are Manufacture dates for M1 Carbine

The son did tell me that his father had remarried, which may have led to some issues. They point out, correctly, that there was strict accountability for the weapons issued to a particular unit, thus those records should still be around. When he started assembling the rifle, Mr. If anyone has more info, corrections, or other history, please send me links or copies.

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Judging by production numbers. What are the guns used to execute rizal? Duckworth was discharged from the Army from the Army the same day in the same state New Jersey.

Militaria Forum Forums Members More. If your getting two more shortly, might be worth waiting to see what they are and what parts they have, before starting ordering bits. The transition in production between second generation and third generation is somewhere between xxx and xxx. Universal gained a bad reputation when a minute few albeit justifiable would fire before the bolt was in full battery. This resulted in the ability of the rifle to fire out of battery.

M1 Garand Serial Numbers

The officer would inspect the rifle, confer with an Armorer that stood by with the officer and then the officer would make and entry in the record book indicating the bore condition. My daughter lives in another town now. But he was about out of my yard by then and legalities would have been iffy.

  • It would be nice if these Record Books still existed as they would trace the history of the rifle, but I am sure they are long gone.
  • Best way to solve your mystery is to take the stock set off and check whether it has a single spring system or a double spring.
  • Began making Carbines in as Bullseye.
  • As mentioned before, this information can range from the mundane and relatively unimportant i.

In a perfect world, we would be able to have complete documentation on a particular weapon consisting of when it was made, every soldier to whom it was issued and when, where and how it was used. Am not familiar with ammo maker by that name. He and his dad had never had what he thought was much of a relationship.

Date of Manufacture of Winchester M1 Carbine

He tried to enlist in the Army but was flat-footed and near-sighted, thus took a job at Springfield. See the icons in the upper right hand corner. This model eliminated the bolt locking mechanism all together. Not sure which, but in any case, this Record Book contained everything about this individual Marine. Today is the very first time she ever fired a gun, and I had her shoot a.

Made several variations using Carbine parts such as the Vulcan in. Here's one in use Here's a picture of my gift-from-God, happily-ever-after trophy wife Vanessa shooting our Universal carbine today. Some times on a quiet, rainy evening I wipe the carbines and Garands down with an oiled rag and wounder who used it, where, what action did it see, how many G. Universal's records are long gone, but some information has been collected from serial numbers and configurations of known guns.

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The U.S. Caliber Carbines - Serial Numbers

This is one of the more common failures on Universals, and parts are difficult-to-impossible to find. But there is no way of proving anything one way or the other. No, create an account now.

Rogers cleaned and degreased the rifle and inspected it for functioning, etc. Your rifle was cleaned by a part-time worker, Phil Hendershot middle name not known and put back into storage where it remained until after the war. They are just so light and short and will kill with the expanding bullets without a problem. The rifle remained in the arms room as newer Garands had been received just before the unit shipped out to Great Britain to train for the rumored cross-channel invasion. Fosdick, a native of Troy, New York, love matchmaking games online had worked at the Raritan for about a year and a half was glad he was able to miss getting drafted.

Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

Sounds like the same type I have. Cant do any harm re-configuring it, as its all differant period parts on it already. Anyway, if such a scenario could happen yea, right! It may not be coincidental that all four were given poor fitness reports by their first sergeant. In an amazing coincidence, okcupid online dating Pvt.

The primary reason why this is not the case is because such accountability only existed while the weapons were in the possession of the unit to which they were issued. Plainfield, like Universal, started out with making their own receivers but used the, then, highly available surplus military parts. Advertisement Advertisement. Since it was covered with cosmoline and was slippery, Myers accidentally dropped the rifle on the concrete floor which is why the buttplate is indented a bit.

Gibson 335 serial number dating

  1. Or were they just issued to a platoon and not kept with the same soldier?
  2. The bad one you know, the one with the dual springs, aluminum trigger guard, lever release at the back of the receiver, and on, etc.
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  4. Myers who dutifully checked the serial number and general condition of the rifle.
  5. The son sounds like a tool if you ask me.
  6. There were, to the best on my knowledge, only made, each in.
Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

It may be weldable, or it may turn have turned this one into a parts gun. It has never failed to feed or jammed. Dad might have been the tool. The wood is not interchangeable, nor are most of the other parts, other than, possibly, free the actions. Way too many variables here.

Actually, its quite a pleasure to shoot and accurate to yards. He shrugged and then picked up the rifle and placed it in a wooden crate along with hundreds of others for long-term storage. Early guns used surplus parts with stocks from S.

Universals were popular due to their low price, and many people bought them from hardware stores, Sears, Wards, and other local gun sources back when Americans could buy guns in their neighborhoods. No markings on the stock either. Any information would be greatly appreciated. During peacetime, such records were maintained until the weapons were transferred to another entity or turned in for some other reason.

How to check serial numbers for m1 carbines - CMP Forums

What were the weapons they used in the Korean War? The term is cartridge, not bullet. Unlike Universal when the parts became scarce, Plainfield ceased manufacture instead of modifying the product they had. Sit them home firmly till you hear a click.

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