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Ebay, whilst no doubt exposing the would be purchaser to the greatest supply of gramophones, contains expensive pitfalls for the newcomer. Gramophones remained dominant until late s, when digital media managed to eclipse it. For ease of reference I have arranged them in roughly chronological order, with the cylinder playing phonographs first and disc playing gramophones later.

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Edison Phonograph Thomas a. All original paint and decal work intact. Edison, as its major creditor, took over operation of the business.

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Note also that some faults noted below are not apparent in a photograph. Unwilling, or perhaps unable, to compete in the marketplace without an extra advantage, Columbia set its sights on Berliner's patents. There are a number of suppliers to choose from. Edison table top cylinder phonograph in oak case. For library subscription rates please contact our libraries agent.

Our expert technicians can install anything from a pair of in-wall speakers to a dedicated home theater, or a whole-home automation system. Social Tagging About Social Tagging. It is unusual for one to survive with all the component parts still in the box, particularly the telescoping aluminium horn.

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An Edison cylinder phonograph fireside model with original green painted tin horn. An Edison standard phonograph c. However, the biggest innovation came in from the mind of United States inventor Emile Berliner.

  1. Being made of pot metal alloy the horn is therefore fragile and prone to breaking around the hinge.
  2. The Concert Grand was intended for public performances and thus had an extra large mandrel for taking three inch diameter cylinders.
  3. Some early gramophones will need considerable less e.
  4. Circa Edison cylinder record player, in oak box but missing the horn.
  5. These affect Columbia portable models in particular.
  6. The company began an intense promotion of the gramophone, highlighting the volume, endurance, and space-saving size of discs as opposed to cylinders.
HMV Gramophone

In oak case with black-painted horn. The Peter Pan is one of the more functional examples, speed dating east lansing mi having a full-size Thorens motor inside. This reduced the tinny treble sound coming directly from the mica diaphragm and produced a fuller bass.

HMV Gramophone

This latter task is not without its physical danger and should only be attempted by those who are mechanically competent. This example shows the optional long horn suspended from a crane. Any further faults will show themselves in the sound. Usually there is a diagram that accompanies the machine and is stuck somewhere in the carcass under the motor board.

When it became apparent that he could not assert control over the local licensees, he reorganized the company and founded the National Phonograph Co. Play safe and use one per record. Vinyl however will bend and has a softer feel. Edison standard cylinder Phonograph in original working condition with speaker.

History of Gramophone - Who invented Gramophone

History of Thorens--acoustic phonographs and gramophones

This prompted him to establish E. We are a member of a national buying group with enormous purchasing volume. Antoine and Lenoir streets, one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in Montreal. Edison, et al, at Orange, N.

  • Edison standard cylinder phonograph with its original horn and horn stand.
  • Edison diamond disc player console and discs.
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  • An Edison disc phonograph in tall oak case, model No.

Our engineering and project management staff work with our customer advisers to assure that your system is installed properly and is easy to operate. The disk or record was rotated on a turntable and a needle in the arm of the gramophone read the information in the grooves and transferred the sound to the speaker. Notice how much faster Jack Hylton took this number than the later version featuring Gene Kelly.

Edison Home Phonograph with large brass and black painted horn on stand. In floor cabinet with record storage to sides. Some of the earlier machines have motors made by Thorens, the Swiss clock and watch makers. Edison standard phonograph and horn.

Edison gramophones - price guide and values

Makes and motors

This severely limited the size of horn that could be used, as the larger the horn, the greater the weight pressing down on the record. Edison phonograph with cylinders. This was the Columbia Phonograph Co. Edison, Et Al, at Orange, N. The Berliner Gram-o-phone Co.

Berliner, with Emmanuel Blout as general manager, was prospering. To this end, Seaman formed a third company, christian dating in norway the National Gramophone Co. The Edison Gem was the smallest of the Edison family of phonographs having a cast iron frame instead of a wooden case.

The first records were made of glass, later zinc, and then plastic. Comes with cygnet horn Serial no. As a general rule the soundbox will have its back facing the spindle but there are some exceptions. Two main problems are likely to be encountered. With hindsight of course, how to improve my dating this song is forever associated with the longing for home of soldiers in the First World War.

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This will indicate hardened grease in the spring case which is causing the coils of the spring to release suddenly. Telling the diffence between vinyl and shellac is easy. The Gramophone Company was, for a few years, the Gramophone and Typewriter Company, and it was under this name that they produced the Model No.

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Gramophone History - Invention of the Gramophone and Vinyl

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Satisfaction Guaranteed Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Again associated with it's pot metal construction the joint where the tonearm fixes to the horn is also vulnerable. Upgrade without losing money!

This page is intended to point out the main things to look for when obtaining a gramophone and what to do and not to do when using it. Always allow the spring to run down at the end of a session. According to Canadian law at the time, a patent was protected only if the manufacturer established production in Canada, and Berliner was happy to comply.

However the rule that the needle will always point in the direction the record spins is always true. Even the formidable Victor Co. Latest added to earliest added Latest added to earliest added Earliest added to latest added Highest price to lowest Lowest price to highest. The following three Edison Phonographs are thus a small example of the variety that were made.

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Sewing machine oil should be used. An Edison home model Phonograph C. The purchasing power of a national buying group We are a member of a national buying group with enormous purchasing volume. The early days of gramophone production were marked with the first release from Volta Graphophone Company of Alexandria, Virginia in - Dictaphone.

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