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Dating cyrano agency ep 9

This episode hit me in all the right feels with the client's story. Is this going to end badly? Not when they know the couple likes each other. Just thought that if there'd be more of Gong Yoo, I'll catch the next ep.

Dating agency is such a sweet, breezy, rom-com that I love to eat as dessert after watching the other darker shows. Dating Agency Cyrano Favorite. Finally the Cyrano part comes into play! The Cyrano agency is the main characters, and the emphasis on their character building through each segment, justifies that position.

Dating Agency Cyrano Episode 13 Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

She starts babbling and I want to stuff a sock in her mouth. Nothing is driving me forward, like a plot or anything, just how nice it feels to be in this world, listening and watching. But something happened recently to make her change her mind and decide to buck up her courage. Loose on top, fitted on the bottom.

Hawaiian Shirt was creeping me out. Defnitely sad Gong Yoo only had like two lines, but it was a really great ep so can't stay mad. The drama also finally showed more of that mysterious Il Do guy and I'm wondering what's up with him.

Let it be noted that a worried-looking Byung-hoon suddenly lightens up to see her, though he puts the gruff face back on. So she wishes him well and starts to walk away, whereupon he calls her back. Su-ah gathers to watch a magic show at the amusement park, but gets shoved around and pushed back. And can he be responsible for those feelings through the end? Aw, ts dating greece you romantic robot you.

Dating Agency Cyrano Episode 9 Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

The sometimes tough, sometimes soft, sometimes funny and a lot more! As per his second lead status it is gonna hurt to watch him not get the girl. And even though all those personality traits get listed out, they never get proven.

Dating cyrano agency ep 9

It's just a theory based on his uber-shady shadiness. Byung-hoon understands that the threat is eventual paralysis of her hand, how to and that this condition was caused by the accident. She shoots him this exasperated look even in the water and drags him back up with his hand clutching her dropped necklace.

  1. Thank you, I am late but this was my favourite episode so far.
  2. That's fine, so then what is her role and how has it affected the plot outcomes within the agency's work?
  3. So what has had bearing on the event outcomes from her personality traits?
  4. Seung Pyo is also an interesting character.
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Now make me a drama with Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi because they really are cute and have chemistry. Unless the translation was off. Although I was somewhat prepared for his short appearance after reading that he was not going to be in a long episode unlike the others we've seen before. He takes her on a motorcycle ride, arriving at the top of a hill overlooking the city lights. And he has a relationship with Hye Ri.

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  • They work in preproduction is that the right term?
  • Aw, is the robot genius going to meddle?
  • The fact that she had her face half covered for half the episode and still delivered such on-spot and amazing facial expressions!
  • Which I hated to no end for lots of reasons.

Now, if we could just get to the bottom of the Master mystery. So its funny that Gong Woo would show up in this episode. Ack, more guilt to shoulder.

Dating cyrano agency ep 9

Dating Agency Cyrano Episode 9

And they cut that arc short. Great episode, love the characters and each of their chemistry. Rather, they are doing it on their own.

Dating cyrano agency ep 9

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Dating cyrano agency ep 9

She isn't shy at all about loving Byung Hoon and I think she is exactly the person he needs. The doc advises that Yi-seol ease the use of her right hand and quit sculpting altogether, lest she injure herself further. He pokes his nose around and Byung-hoon asks him to leave, calling him Hawaiian Shirt, and the guy gives his name as Jung Il-do. The grandpa marionette bobbling was hilarious. It may have been because of Do-il.

It's perfectly encapsulated because this drama is essentially about the agency, not the client. Instead, he carries her on piggyback to the agency, where Byung-hoon bristles to see them thus. Woohoo, I love that the pace is picking up. Because it's hard to tell on the internet, especially since I refuse to use emoticons, I'm just going to tell you the next sentence is filled with sarcasm, bitterness and perhaps a bit of venom. In next episode, we gotta see more of her ex boyfriend so amazing.

Is it pure coincidence that we have another Il-do in this show? She hasn't convinced him to change how he thinks about love one bit from the professional side. He has a right to be a bit grumbly, dream about your ex dating especially if he thinks Byung Hoon had a part in his brother's death. The only bearing on the events she's had is that she's a woman.

Dating Agency Cyrano

This episode was so heartwarming and poignant. Is this it, for Gong Yoo's cameo? Big baby driver always manages to add an indie feel to any show.

Binge-watching this for New Years. Misguided, yes, but also really sweet. That just reconfirms his suspicions that she likes Byung-hoon, which puts his frowny face on. He says that being with him will only bring her trouble, which is either nobly idiotic or an excuse. When Gong Yoo's character told her to fix the watch and give it back when they see each other, stabler and beck I just assumed it was his way of saying he wanted to see her again.

She hasn't argued him down once. Her cheerful face is back in place, so when Byung-hoon calls her out for lying about her apartment, she just says she wants to be closer to him. And there were reports about it being behind schedule. Moo-jin offers her his helmet, fiddles with some dials, and has her look at the city through the visor.

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Well, at least one of you is! My guess soon to be resolved, since I'm binge-watching the series is Hawaiian shirt guy is a straight-up psycho. So it was mostly down for me. At least they realized it for next time. She wonders the same thing, and laments liking the weird money-grubber instead.

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