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Which clarinet brand is best? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. At Winnenden near Stuttgart, South Germany, they started their business again.

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Why don't you hear anything about these great old Italian companies? Triebert - Another old French company that built great oboes and bassoons. About half the student clarinets that pass through the workshop have rubber cushions fitted to the thumbrest.

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Earlier instruments especially their Albert systems are fine sounding instruments! Old Hard Rubber Clarinets. As it has been mentioned there are lemons in all different periods. Allan Segal's in-depth barrel information. The thumb rest has the north-south screw configuration, indicating a quite early model which might be without any number prefixing it.

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Clarinet Manufacturing History. Noblet that I've worked on have been fine instruments. Modern Buffet Crampon flutes utilize the Cooper scale see Albert Cooper and have a reputation for accurate tuning. Check for cut outs in the wood under the right hand pinky keys.

Buffet Crampon

The professional models are usually made from more select grenadilla wood, and are usually unstained. Robert Paris, Articulated. Interesting thing is that, on the upper joint of the clarinet there's only engravement of the logo, speed dating hoboken but not the model. Penzel-Mueller Studio Recording.

The company was sold in and liquidated in the early s. Excellent reputation for saxes, but still trying to get my hands on a clarinet. Buffet Crampon has released several clarinet models from the midth century onwards, with models ranging from student to professional in marketing. Resonance fingerings for throat tones. Thumb Rests or Neck Straps.

How to Tell the Model of a Buffet Clarinet

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  1. The barrel is quite short and was cracked.
  2. What model Buffet Crampon?
  3. However, call me Mr Picky but I found that the locking screw doesn't entirely lock the thumbrest - and although the amount it can move is small I found it nonetheless annoying from time to time.
  4. My biggest criticism goes to the use of nylon pins on the left hand spatula keys.
  5. Hi I have a Buffet Crampon clarinet that beloned to my father.
How to Tell the Model of a Buffet Clarinet

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Thibouville - Great old French company based in Ivry-la-Bataille. But that's the extent I know of the instrument. Makers of some lovely, dating royal doulton underrated and underpriced instruments. The region was part of the new Czecho-Slovak Republic. The older horn has much larger toneholes and some of the keywork is distinctly different.

But I've been wondering what model this is. The addition of a nylon collar on the ring thread would ensure a secure lock to the thumbrest and allow the ring to be set inline. The old Regents were of a good weight - though the body material was inclined to be a tad brittle. Was just looking for an answer to the year dilemma. Doctor Syntek Aerospace Key Oil.

The keys of the clarinet are silver plated, its in excellent condition, with no cracks. Other than through the manufacturer, is who does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can find out what I've really got? Just finished one of these and was pleasantly surprised!

Penzel-Mueller Brilliante. Robert Martel - France, red flags in dating c. The former Kohlert workshops were then taken over by the state owned Amati company. Their old clarinets and saxophones are a real joy and readily available for low prices. Thank you for your kind attention.

Buffet Crampon Serial numbers

The Bohemian border region belonged to the Austrian Empire. Penzel-Mueller artist alto clarinet. Be aware, however, that clarinets are more like automobiles than like fine wine. Is this groove on the body the cutout?

Below the logo are small letters that say Modele Buffet Crampon. That year is supposed to be correct, but in general, Buffet and maybe all clarinets are too variable to say whether any year is decent. Originally Buffet Crampon flutes were made in Paris, France. However, when you start talking about clarinets this old, condition is a much more important factor. In the latter time they made some clarinets under the two names hyphenated together.

It seems like a nice horn, but needs too much work to tell much about it specifically. Just don't pay and inflated R price for it. Whether or not that instrument is suited to you, your body and your playing style is another matter altogether. Borgani - A very old Italian maker, and still in business! Over this length of time, a lot of bad things can have happened.

Main Categories Clarinet Shopping Advice. Model sub-numbers are similar to the series as above. Many good clarinetists aren't as knowledgeable about gear as one might expect.

Most have been average or less. If I were you, I would simply pass on this clarinet. The development of new models has sometimes led to the discontinuation of older models. The Monopole Conservatoire is the high end model.

  • Evette sponsored by Buffet.
  • All other things equal, the latter would be worth more.
  • Evette made by Buffet Crampon.

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