Dating british stanley planes, how to identify stanley hand plane age and type (type study tool)

Cupid's bow bridge Norris planes of any model are as scarce as hen's teeth. Some idiot has touched a wire wheel to part of this plane. There is some pitting on the right side which impacts the grading, but this is a nice user example. The box is intact but is not nearly as nice as the plane. The nickel is thinning on the lever cap.


  • Some light patina on the bare-metal surfaces.
  • An early one from the late s, with all of the early styling.
  • It just has a lovely untouched patina with some original lacquer remaining on the bronze.
  • If you are a serious collector, you can always swat the iron.

Antique Planes

Stanley English Type Study Draft

The of the rosewood wedge has a chip knocked out of it, a flaw often seen on Holland planes. We do sell quite a few Norris and Spiers planes, but it must be borne in mind that these planes are far too scarce to maintain a constant stock of good planes at a reasonable price. The websites of many experienced tool collectors and antique shops provide helpful pictures, measurements and other valuable information used to identify wood planes from years gone by.

The rosewood handle and knob are very nice, with a few tool-box dings. Somewhere along the line they went from cast Y lever, to the two piece stamped on, then back to a die cast one. Still in very-crisp original condition. Missing some japanning, but with an overall dark patina, it looks pretty good.

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In extremely nice condition. The rosewood wedge retains its beautifual Fench polished finish. For the advanced Norris collector, dating this is a must own plane. The wood is highly figured rosewood.

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How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

Type study Canadian plane. Very nice rosewood handle and front knob with a few minor tool-box dings and some lacquer added to the sides. Canadian woodworking plane.

Try Mik International in Adelaide. All were secondhand to me. Spiers gunmetal shoulder planes are very scarce by any measure. Slater, but retailed by T.

The plane is great it has a full original iron numbered to the plane. The body has been lightly cleaned by a collector, but not all buffed up by any means. To get started with Disqus head to the Settings panel. Good depth on the rosewood sole.

But I would add that prior to the Gx period there were black plastic handles and front knobs. It also made the planes a bit more costly and more desirable as collectors. Crisp dark rosewood handle and knob have a couple of tool-box dings. Some patina on the bare-metal surfaces.

The hold down screw is sweetheart marked. If true, very rare and unusual. All very interesting nonetheless.

British Metal Planes, commonly referred to as infill planes, represent the pinnacle of refinement in cabinetmaking planes. They even made a mitre plane version that had an adjustable mouth, the only British mitre plane with this feature that I am aware of. They had the crummy black plastic handles stamped with Stanley on the handles and one-piece steel bolt and nylon washer. Not sure what their original boxes said on them and if the irons and other parts were Stanley Australia made. For the advanced Stanley rule collector.

Could someone please help me out? The tool is painted red and the red has some light wear and the initials F J scratched in. It mics out at thousandths of an inch thick. No evidentiary information on Bailey frogs ever being nickel plated has been located.

The maker's mark was struck a bit unevenly and is faint on the top. These two types cause the most confusion since all other things look the same except for the frog area. The woodwork as well has its original finish and is very untouched. There are some dings in the top rear of the wedge were a user setting the wedge missed the back and hit the top of the wedge. The plane is marked by Buck on the bridge and on the iron.

Aside from its styling, the main feature of the plane was soles that fit on the skate for each cutting profile. Some minor roughness on the sole. These early Mathieson infill planes are still a bit of a mystery to collectors. All very interesting to say the least.

The wood is untouched with nice surface and nice grain. This plane appears unused. It is untouched with a great patina overall. It has been cleaned by a collector.

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This is a really nice honest example at what I think is a moderate price. It is as found and as expected it is much darker on the outside than the inside. Which does yours look like? Crisp rosewood handle and tall knob are very nice with a few dings to the finish, and some tiny paint splatters.

Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Types 1-8 and 15-20
  1. The keepers are carefully make replacments.
  2. When I got it, the hole for the strike button had been plugged with filler and dark spray had been used to obscure the primitive work.
  3. Dark rosewood handle and tall knob are very crisp, with a few tool-box dings.
  4. It was about twice the price but holds it's edge alot longer.
  5. Still a lovely as found example.
  6. You will need to graft a piece onto the bottom of this wedge.
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Identifying Antique Wood Planes

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Minor patina on the bare-metal surfaces. Cleaned overall so that the metal has no patina. Rosewood handle and tall knob are crisp with minor dings. The gunmetal surface has some very light tool box rash.

Antique British Metal Planes & Infill Planes at The Best Things

The entire upper half is overcleaned but could be recolored if it bothers you. It shows ome honest nickel wear on the skate but is still a very clean plane that should satisfy a collector or a discerning user. The Bailey line was and still is considered the benchmark for planes and with performance like this, one can see why.

The Mystery of Stanley Canada

This is a common flaw, in just this place, but I don't know why. Excellent resources exist both on and off line to help tool collectors with antique plane identification. This tool is a must own piece for the advanced infill collector.

The handle and head show tool box rash. There is rust on the tip of one of the slitters, but that will polish off and this will be a great user. Some pitting on the back of the sole. It is a sweetheart marked plane. There is slight deformation on the right side from being tapped which is why I gave it the minus.

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