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These tags could also be offset from the sweatband ends an inch or so right or left from where the sweatband meets, dating agency cyrano episodes sticking down out from the leather. Dobbs changed the Roundel by moving the Dobbs name and curving it along the top. Liner from a Penn Craft derby from the s.

It looks to me like the dating scheme works for newer Borsalinos. Chinese kisses Dating stetson hat boxes. Mallory family during its sex dating in cato arkansas.

The natural reed was soon replaced with a wire reed and still later with a plastic reed. The Stetson Exposition Logo Stetson won some prizes in the late s and up to at the international expositions in Paris. When I had my bar mitzvah, most people did not get Borsalinos.

Hats were made by millions of people across the world, worn by millions more, and sold in the millions over the era that we are talking about here. If you are unsure of how old your hat is, these features can help date your fedora. Strangely, these tags seem to have made it to our era more often than the two above. There are subtle stylistic differences, but they are subtle. Last night I checked out my two Borsalinos that we bought in Milan.

Thank you so much for sharing these I've bookmarked the links. He is a really nice person. One reason for this was because men were using a lot of heavy hair creams and these hair treatments often badly stained hat liners.

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So, maybe that is the reason Stetson added the maple leaf? They promptly sent me a message. This is a post Korean War development. Should You Wear a Jacket with a T-shirt?

In the s, Stetson also had a size tag that incorporated a die cut price tag. Here are a few of those s era liner logos. Also note the Guild Edge debossment. We will likely never know exactly why the change was made.

Vintage Fedora 7 1 4

Please let us know what you think of them in the thread in the Observation Bar. This is far from a simple question. Going by my Off white Borsalino it would be a hat. Then a second one took over after that. What do you think of that material?

From my personal experience, I buy a hat based on how good it looks on me, not the brand. But remember you get what you pay for. Symphony, lectures, concerts, etc. What if that is what he can afford?

If your borsalino became misshapen quickly, then you were either cheated or mistreated it. In your opinion, Borsalino is the only hat company in the world that makes well shaped fedora hats? Stetson Logos and Company Crests There are two basic Stetson crests for most hats that still exist today. Along with this imprint into the leather, hatmakers also began to emplace specially screen printed, satin or satin-like, polished cotton liners into hats with their logos.

  1. This price stayed a general ballpark figure all the way until the s.
  2. In the case of shirts, cut, but more so, material.
  3. Here we endeavor to answer that question.
  4. Join our you dreadful Internet collectors of its.

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Add one in the admin panel. But this one is rarely seen. So, free dating online chat site you can be sure to find a hat made in our era of consideration that does not perfectly fit these criteria. Another thing that marked a fine hat was a sort of decorative cotton tape slotting.

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Vintage Fedora 7 1 4

Army officer caps with different crests. Perhaps that the date range where it makes sense although it came out right for a few others. The above two notes are most especially true with Stetsons, but, again, these are general rules for the hat industry.

Sven Raphael Schneider in a vintage Roeckl fedora. The United Hatters of North America claimed direct lineage back to with the earlier two groups and carried on until when it merged with the United Hatters Cap and Millinery Workers. This slotting usually took up the back third of the sweatband. Again, remember, these are general thoughts meant only to act as a starting point to help identify the age of a fedora.

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  • Union labels, though, can only give the most general idea on dating based on when the unions were active.
  • The s era Stetson One Hundred.
  • It might be worth more, because I have no financial interest.
  • Three Very Special Labels There are three very specific tags that give us a span of only a few years to date the manufacture of a hat.

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All handmade bespoke, high brim and the original Indy Hat. This in a s era Stratoliner. One general rule is that previous to the outer, finished or tanned sides the visible side of a fedora sweatband was often very nicely textured in some way. Leather sweats previous to were also often thinner and finer leathers than that used in later eras. So, this hat was made before at least.

Models like the Game Bird and Rainbow would continue to feature custom liners. These usually had oilskin tip protectors instead of plastic, even into the s. By about or so Stetson made a small alteration in its crest.

This is an old shaalah, do you get a new hat when you need a new weekday hat or a new shabbos hat? My point being that depending on the cost savings coupled with the comparable longevity, it may make much greater financial sense to purchase lower-cost brand and replace it more frequently. But, for some reason I have never understood, leather sweatbands were almost never made of black between the s and the s. This is another crest borrowed from the s, though with an oilskin protector.

Sometimes they were sort of like oil cloth, site treated with a painted finish. Stetson also had a variation of the O. And it should be pretty straightforward to copy the shape without much difficulty for a new hat.

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