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Don't all cyclists have boxes and boxes of old components in their garage? Now you can easily read the number. Merk, I hauled out the Ranger and took closeup photos of the seatstay area. It begins with G and another letter e. Tubing decals Reynolds, Columbus, online dating etc.

Sugino has used at least six codes for their cranks. Click on image to see an enlarged version. In May the serial number process changed again with the addition of a month code. How can I tell what year my bike was made? The next letter in the sequence is the month code.

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How to Date Antique Frames

Generally the year and month of build was stamped as the first part of the serial number. If you have Nitto bars for which you know the year, please send me skip skipechert. They weren't present in the early s, I believe, but I don't have a date of introduction.

At least it would be the earliest date that the bike could have been made. These frames may be related to the M and N leading serial number bikes in the section above. This is not always the case and there will be some bikes that do not fit into this formula. The production non-custom frames were numbered using the late to system described below. Frames Identifying the serial numbers on the early Mongoose frames is actually quite easy and intuitive.

Vintage Trek Bicycle Frame Serial Numbers bike

Manufacturers who don't use date codes However, online cell many bicycle manufacturers don't use date codes and so you can't easily decode their serial numbers. Research different types of motorcycles and the pros and cons of each. It is likely this was made by the same manufacturer as the bikes described in the paragraph below.


Also gathered on this page are date codes decoded and generously provided by others. Weinmann and Dia-Compe calipers usually have codes on the back of a caliper arm. As before, the letter indicates the month and the first number or the second digit in the sequence indicates the last number for that year.


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The Japanese Imperial Calendar may well be the basis for date codes on other Japanese components. Know Your Limits Having a relationship with a biker does not have to mean plunging headlong into his world. This would appear to follow the method used by Shimano, where the G indicates and the C indicates March. This code was used on hubs that were stamped incised with information on their barrels.

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Literature old catalogues, fan websites, etc. On rear derailleurs the code is stamped on the back side of the inner parallel arm. The first two digits are the week of the year. It appears that some custom frames were built that did not fit within the standard model description. There are date codes on some Nitto stems.

Another feature of an early frame built in - was the extra single gusset above the bottom bracket. The serial number list and the code for the list are not available from Trek but hope springs eternal. This numeral may indicate the facility where the component was made. This is how it looked when I hauled it out of the trash.

In this case I used a red candle to make the serial number stand out. Some like to spend every night at a bar, while others are teetotalers. Some of these manufacturers will provide their own serial number lookups on their websites.

So serial numbers that ran from May through to March will have three digits in sequence overtop the serial number of that frame. Some manufacturers use a date-code as part of the serial number. He might get distracted and not pay as much attention to you during an event. The current method of date coding Brooks saddles is a colored stamp on the underside of the saddle, with a number for the year surrounding a letter for the month. The mark is made up of a circle with the first letter of the month in Italian or just a number around the edge, credit agricole with the two-digit year code in the center.

However, the meaning of the digits appears to be the same as above. This feature carried over for the first few years till the ashtabula forks were replaced with the more rounder style Tange made forks. You also need a rough idea e. This form was used first in to differentiate it from the s code.

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If your bicycle uses a cassette freehub for the rear sprockets, then it was likely made in the late s or later. The codes appear on the inside face of each crank arm. Trek Kevin Tita graciously provided a copy of the journal for this web site. Race bikes tended have less braze-ons the earlier the year of manufacture.

This nice piece of detective work means that if a Shimano or other date code seems to provide the wrong year, look carefully to see if another manufacturer might have made the part. Whenever a new emperor took the throne, a new era was officially declared. New components often were used. The serial number on a repainted frame that was not first stripped, may disappear under the new paint.

The serial number descriptions are divided into five categories. On some models there may also be another date code on back of lever's tip. Or is that something better left to google? The second runs from A through at least Y.

  • The easiest way is to check the brake bridge for the extra two slotted holes that were added.
  • These frames often were not serialized.
  • The most likely components to be original are the stem, handlebars, seatpost, and brakes.
  • Downtube or handlebar mounted friction shifters were common on bicycles until the early s when indexed shifting was introduced by Shimano in see Indexed Shifting.
  • Of course these are general guidelines in identifying Mongoose frames and there are the anomalies to this process of serial number identification.


Request for Information This component dating discussion is a work in progress. This makes dating the components an interesting archeological investigation, but one not necessarily related to the date of the bike. Maillard used an open dating system for their hubs and pedals.

Sunshine and Sansin hubs were made by the same company. Ask your boyfriend to teach you how to ride safely and comfortably on the back of his bike. In some factories in China and India that are still working off old blueprints, cottered spindles may still be in use in the manufacture of new bikes.

Dutch bikes, trendy coffee cruisers, and beach cruisers may be modern but appear to be s styling. In the second form, the two numerals are the last two digits of the year. Serialization Date The dates coded in the serial numbers, or the dates inferred from the numbers, are dates on which the new frames were stamped with serial numbers serialized. The remaining part of the serial numbers seem normal.

How to Identify a Schwinn Bicycle

  1. Especially around the bridge area?
  2. The second two numbers are the year of manufacture e.
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How to Date Antique Frames

How to Date Antique Frames
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