College football players dating celebrities, top 10 reasons college athletes should not be paid

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Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

All of this happens while their coach will often make a comfortable six figure salary. Auburn is not alone in this. At Missouri State University. All of the shenanigans that occur in the pros would likely happen in college sports if student athletes started getting paid. Take Auburn University, for instance.

Let us refresh your memory as we list the top famous footballer-celebrity couples. But having a conversation that's not about football is near impossible. Yet, despite all of this cash floating around, the players who make the organization work do not see any of this money. The fans are invested in the players, many of whom have started taking on followings akin to those of famous and established professional players.

They're too busy with their hands on the ball to put their hands on you. He is the captain and midfielder for the Series A club. To many people, hyper dating these things seem like a small price to pay for a full scholarship. Also a former member of the girl group Monrose. The organization argues that student athletes are provided with full scholarships and a free education.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn t Date A College Athlete

Students are not paid salaries like a professional, nor do they receive professional perks. It teaches students how to be disciplined and driven. Not only is she a well-known actress in Holland but she is also a television host at one of Holland's most popular networks. He was given the keys to up to eight different upscale cars from a local vehicle dealership. Colleges can be more selective in their admittance procedures when their sports teams are famous or successful.

If the money is managed correctly, there is no worry here, since the person with the money would understand the concept of budgeting. Instead, what does full hook these costs have to come out of their own pocket. She rose to fame with her girl pop group the Spice Girls and became known as Posh Spice.

There are a number of reasons why people believe college athletes should be paid. As a student athlete, a student is able to gain access to a college education through the participation of their sport. More than likely you're going brag to your friends about it because who wouldn't? They should feel the thrill of their victories and the pure agony of being defeated. Paying college students to play sports would totally ruin it.

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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn t Date A College Athlete

First, some people believe that these people should all be paid based on an open market system. Instead, the profits of athletics are shared between administrators, coaches and athletic directors. The other thing that could happen when colleges begin to pay their student athletes is that other university programs could be cut.

But, it is important to remember that these scholarships are the only means through which many athletes can make it to college. At Florida State University. College athletes should recognize that the opportunity they have to play in college is something that millions of people dream of and never achieve.

  1. If students did not have to worry about their finances, they could spend more time focusing on their game and their classes.
  2. So, would giving student athletes a couple of hundred dollars a month change this?
  3. Another example is Terrelle Pryor, the quarterback for Ohio State.
  4. You're basically dating a campus celebrity.
  5. These celebrities found love on the soccer field with famous footballers.
  6. Here's a sneak peak at the couples who made the list.

After all, money does not seem to be an issue. There are crucial expenses that are not covered by scholarships. It is based on the idea of amateurism, and this was a notable idea at the time. When universities sell jerseys and t-shirts with popular numbers on them, they are literally selling the personhood of the person whose number is on the jersey. Their whole life revolves around their sport.

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In fact, the vast majority of college sports players do not end up playing professional sports at all. Try dating an athlete, your jealousy will skyrocket. Some are married, some are engaged and some are dating, mature dating for over but all are known for their own accomplishments and success. These celebrities hit the jackpot and found love on the soccer field.

For instance, serious college athletes spend more time practicing their sports and playing the game as most people spend at work each week. To feed and clothe themselves, these students often wind up getting part-time jobs. All they talk about is their sport. Many college athletes do not come from privileged backgrounds, and their performance at their sport is one of the few chances they feasibly had at going to college. Keep scrolling for pictures and information about each couple.

You think your jealousy problem was bad before? When it doesn't work out with one of those girls, he'll come crawling back to you. When the topic of paying college athletes comes up, there are two trains of thought.

In other words, these athletes are having their full tuition paid for, in addition to other perks. Now, people who believe college athletes should be paid see this cost and immediately say, if Auburn can spend this much on a screen, they certainly can spend money on paying their athletes. It's an athlete's job to be in shape.

Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Be Paid
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Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

Trust me, the fantasy of dating Tim Riggins is a lot better than dating some random college athlete. College students are terrible with money for the most part. Though it is true that there is a lot of money coming into some college athletic program, there is just as much money going out, and in most cases, these programs are working at a loss. The biggest earners are football, basketball and baseball.

  • He plays for Mexican club Chiapas as well as the Paraguay national football team.
  • These hours are distributed over training sessions, games, travel and other required sessions that student athletes must attend in order to remain on the team and keep their full scholarship.
  • Finally, if college athletes start getting paid, it would simply ruin the college sports industry.

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The two were recently spotted again out to dinner together. She was seen celebrating Neymar's winning penalty to win Brazil their Olympic gold. Just as there are so many reasons a college athlete should be paid for their skills, dating after there are just as many reasons to not pay these athletes. Rapinoe helped her team win a gold medal in the Olympics.

They probably have six other girlfriends that you don't know about. Because of its status as a non-profit, it would be confusing for it to be involved in paying athletes. Jrue put his professional life on hold in order to stand by wife Lauren during her pregnancy and recent diagnosis of a brain tumor. If student athletes start getting paid, however, they would not only continue to likely receive these benefits, they would receive many more. With more money comes more problems, and adding money to the life of a student athlete, is only going to exacerbate this fact.

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