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Unfortunately many online casinos cheat at roulette, or at the very least deceive the players. With the magnet inserted, a person holding another magnet could direct the ball to a section of the wheel they had bet on.

Dealers are trained not to fall for attempts to distract them, which is why top hatting usually requires the participation of an insider. Or sometimes the wheel is not correctly set up. Copyright BestCasinosOnline. It is better to change casino and return to it after a few days. The purpose of this is to reduce the effectiveness of professional visual ballistics techniques and roulette computer equipment.

At least this is a currently available model I know of, although I have seen images of others sent to me by players. Even in cases when the ball is picked up magnetically, the ball is usually propelled by an air compressor. Some gambling law is specific to the point where it will state electronic devices are forbidden, for the use of storing or projecting game outcomes.

The exception is casinos that are owned and run by the government. As you can understand ball tripping requires great levels of skill and lots of practice by the dealer. Of course, any deviations and biases are immediately revealed by the casino security system. Trying to hit the high-roller tables, Italian-born Francis Farrugia, Francesco Baioni and Frank Camilleri were caught cheating and put on trial. This means often devices such as roulette computers are legal.

Which Casinos Use Magnets in Roulette Wheels


When it comes to automated wheels, the ball is usually spun by a magnetic device and magnetic ball, or an air compressor. Pastposting is also known as late betting as it is in fact the roulette betting when the bets are not already accepted i. In fact, I found out that it was possible to beat them by always playing a simple, but let me say genious, sequence of numbers that since a few years allow me to gain recurring winnings.

Do Casinos Use Magnets and Rigged Roulette Wheels

Magnets in the Ball In at least one instance, a ball with a magnet in its center was exchanged for the official casino ball. The best way to cheat using pastposting is to work in a team. This is a great luck if the player finds a roulette wheel that has the same number or at least a range of definite numbers come up constantly.

Around half of the gambling jurisdictions have such specific laws. Do live online roulette casinos cheat?

How Wheels With Magnets Work

Roulette Cheats - Cheating Techniques for Roulette Tables / Games

However, the modern security systems with hi-tech surveillance cameras are a serious barrier for pastposters. The kind of time it would take for this operation almost requires a member of the casino staff perform this task.

Which Casinos Use Magnets in Roulette Wheels

Sector targeting is a technique which has a legendary status in the roulette cheat world. Don't worry about one chip, you'll have plenty of chances to earn big if you follow the above instructions without messing about or changing anything.

If the casino operators wanted to avoid the ball landing on zero, the electromagnetic beneath the zero pocket is activated with the North Pole magnet. Wheel gaffing tends to be done by casino personnel who want to help friends cheat when they play at the table. Because the casino is private property, and they have their own in-house rules, and they can ask you to leave for any reason they want. Ball tripping involves the usage of a special mechanism that is triggered by the roulette dealer. So, casino near mobile al after the roulette ball lands on the wheel a player places chips onto the winning number or makes a bet that will bring money and tries not to be caught by the dealer.

Players who can calculate the decaying orbit of the ball can use sector targeting bets to get a decided advantage. In my view this is cheating, because the players are deliberately misled into believing that they are playing the same unmodified wheel, and with live video. In some states, cheating is defined as any method that alters or influences the outcome of a game. Instead, the ball contained a special coil with diodes.

Roulette Cheats

Very unlikely, especially considering most of the online casinos are operating from poorly regulated jurisdictions, where just about anything is legal. First, you don't put yourself at risk of being weak should a negativity happen. This should give you a win, but if you lose, all you need to do is to double the value of your bet until you win and then start all over again. This is just an example to highlight the fact that legal or not, casinos will do whatever they must to stop you from winning.

Pockets can be coated with spray plastics or other polymers which would deaden the bounce of the ball. But since his name became widespread, he found it increasingly difficult to win without heat from casino staff. These are cases where the ball does something quite odd. The concept of ball tripping is that a tiny hole is drilled in the roulette ball track and a small controlling pin is inserted into it. The game outcomes are still randomised in a way that is considered by the government to be fair.

Magnetic balls There have been very rare incidents where a magnetic ball is somehow swapped with the real ball. Sector Targeting Players who can calculate the decaying orbit of the ball can use sector targeting bets to get a decided advantage. So he had no choice but to play elsewhere.

All of them are easily spotted in modern casinos by the advanced security systems in place. Once again, the most logical assumption is it was an inside job. But in most cases it at least reduces the edge of professional players. Firstly understand that gambling law differs between different jurisdictions, and gambling law is state-based.

These are predictive devices. The dealer must pull a special lever under the table in the right moment.

Of course though, governments in different countries have different ideas on what should be legal. Although it is much more likely in a high roller room where the bets are much larger. This made it very clear that the spins were not live.