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It is very important that you learn the strategy for each game and play them correctly. Knowledgeable Blackjack players know that learning basic strategy will reduce the house edge to less than one percent. Today there are over variations of video poker. The machine deals five cards on the screen. Video Poker is not hard to learn and it is a lot of fun.


The game that you should learn first is Jacks or Better. Play a big range of Australian style online pokies for free.

At the moment the games from the following providers are blocked for Australian visitors - Microgaming, Playtech and Genesis Gaming. You put your money in the machine, hit the spin button and hope that Lady Luck will invite you to dance. Making a few mistakes in strategy when playing can increase the house edge against you.

Video Poker is a game that requires skill and it bridges the gap between slot machines and table games for many players. Most table games when played properly have a lower house edge than the slot machines. In most casinos video poker machines, when played correctly, offer a lower house edge than the slot machines. On the other hand, many table games require skill and the decisions you make can determine whether you win or lose. It is not enough to just know the payback of a video poker machine.

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In Australia and New Zealand video slot machines are known as pokies which is an abbreviation of poker machines. All of the games featured at FreePokies. For example, you can not use the strategy for Jacks or Better when playing Deuces Wild. Most of the other games are variations of this one. Important Message for Australian Visitors.

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Over the last few years, neteller casino bonus video poker has been gaining in popularity and the casinos are adding more machines to the gaming floor. Because this is a set probability the casino gets its edge by adjusting the paytable of the machines. Some casinos will put two identical machines that have different pay tables next to each other.

The games all have some type of bonus feature with free spins being the most common. In order to achieve the maximum return, you must play the game using a set mathematical strategy. Check back here or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates. We will soon be offering you the chance to win prizes, access special promotions and tournaments just for playing the free games here at FreePokies.

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By knowing how to read a pay table, you can make sure you are playing the machine with the best return. We're working on adding new games that can be played for free in Australia so that you can still enjoy the site. You want to make sure you are choosing the one with the highest return. With a set number of combinations that can be made from the cards used in the game, the payout can be calculated by how much the machine pays for each winning combination. There are no decisions to make that will change the outcome of the spin.

Featured Free Pokies for June 2019Video Poker Games

One advantage that video poker has over regular slot machines is that you can determine the return of the game by reading the pay table on the front of the machine. If you want to learn about poker machines then we recommend visting OnlinePokies. Each video poker game has its own strategy.

Video Poker is based on the game of draw poker and has virtually the same rules except that you are not playing against any other players. Your win or loss is determined by the outcome after of your final hand after you hit the draw button.

Winning a slot machine jackpot is based solely on luck. How much you win is based on the pay table that is posted on the front of the machine.

Some of the advantages of playing the games featured at FreePokies. They would like to play games of skill but are concerned about making the wrong play and looking foolish so they feel more comfortable with the solitary play of the slot machines. Due to regulatory changes in Australia many of the software providers featured at this site have instituted geo-blocking of their games. As a new player you can then claim your welcome bonus. The player then has the option of drawing up to five new cards.