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If you manage to flip your way up to the top of them, you may take one route, while simply dropping off at the bottom will allow you to go on an alternate path. Robotnik attacks with a claw-wielding machine and drops red bombs from a hatch on the underside. You'll be prone if you touch the flippers, because you'll have to wait until your character rolls off, during which time Eggman can easily drop down and assault you. This is a somewhat hidden, bumper filled route along the bottom of the act. Bumpers, all animated, come in a number of forms for you to bounce off of.

They will then disappear and appear on the other side to repeat the pattern. In part above the Act there are Rings and bumpers floating in the mid-air above bumper plates, which the player can reach by using green flippers.

They kind of go around in a small square pattern, one block following the other, but they disappear on one side, and reappear at the other. Doesn't mention the crushy blocks, though. There is so much to see, and so much artistic work has been put into this level that you really have to see and play it for yourself. Adding further to the pinball theme, red plungers found in narrow dead ends in the ground can be used to launch yourself with great force, much like they do in real pinball tables to launch the ball.

You'll only really be interested in the bottom section though, as not a lot goes on above. Both pinball sections will eventually lead to the end of the Act by passing through the winding tunnel or being launched ahead by the green flipper. No notes have been posted in response to this section. So I did some testing, and I got a pretty good idea of how it works.

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Once touching it, it will change the color three times green, then yellow and then red until it disappears completely. If all three turn out to be any one of those first five icons, you'll be rewarded with various, and usually large sums of rings.

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They're most dangerous in the narrow corridors, so just be aware of them when venturing there, and don't speed through carelessly, or you may get stuck in a dead end with one. Any other combination not described above gives zero rings. Also, this is one of the first Sonic bosses I ever beat, and I can still remember the first time that I won this one. You won't be able to see anything happening in there, but make your way through, and jump at the end to open up the extra life.

Zone 0 Sonic 2 Casino Night Zone

To defeat him, you need to go for a rolling attack or spin dash from behind, only. You have to use that flipper to land on one of two moving blocks that are just above. The trick for this boss is to turbo-dash your way up the walls of the pinball arena, and hit Robotnik by jumping off the walls on your way up. When you land on the top of one, you'll be spinning and won't be able to move, or jump off of it.

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You'll get an additional points if only one character goes in, but this can be doubled if Tails goes in too. These spaces are often occupied by the pinball tables, filled with bouncy objects, flippers, slot machines and all that jazz, the idea being that you simply try to bounce your way through. The boxes don't even touch each other.

These are handled much more speedily though, and pinball-style plungers are used to send you off, and loop-de-loops are thrown in aswell, for good measure. Orange and white colored flippers are pointing downwards and are usually located on the bottom of U-shaped gaps which automatically send the player backwards upon being touched. By getting into the hatch above or below the slot machine, the player can roll the slot machine and enter different combinations on the three wheel icons on it to get a certain reward.

Casino Night Zone also features many alternate routes. Casino Night Zone take place in a huge, sprawling casino city during the night time. Casino Night is based on a fairly built-up structure, with much of the map being occupied by solid ground, but there are large open vertical spaces cut into it. Bumpers, flippers and blocks are inexplicably arranged high above the buzzing cityscape at night, bighorn casino website and colourful neon lights are everywhere.

While lower parts of the Zone have more narrow pathways, the upper parts have more linear pathways. In this Zone's boss fight, Dr.

Instead, ignore the shield and hit the elevator at once, and you'll land to the right of the block. In essence, this location is set high up above a very Vegas-like city. When you're at Robotnik's vertical level, jump off the wall, using the left and right buttons to help control your direction, and you should be able to land a hit on him, if he's close enough. The spring isn't powerful enough to get you up there so you have to go round the other way. Glowing neon green flippers are positioned in standard pinball places such as a pair of them near the bottom of the table, or single ones to the sides of it.

Casino Night Zone

Casino Night Zone

It's the arena where the player faces Fang the Sniper. After going down and passing by the last Star Post, the player reaches the boss arena. However, the player can also risk losing Rings or earn nothing.

There isn't any way shown on the map to get to them and they're just floating there. There are also deep and narrow elevator sections, where the blue platform will go up or down. There's no way to get to those, either!

Zone 0 Sonic 2 Casino Night Zone

It is tricky, but this method is still less dangerous than attempting a flipper-based attack. You can also find red flippers which hang vertically, positioned in the middle of curved pits. These will flip automatically as soon as you touch them, sending you speeding back up the wall you came down on.