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Flizzy's guidance might have too harsh of a beat. Stinkmeaner's ghost, realizing to be tricked, then swears to come back as he is banished back to Hell. Stinkmeaner reveals his identity and his plan to take Huey, Riley, and Robert back to Hell with him. Riley disrespects Robert by not obeying him despite being severely disciplined by him often by being whipped by his belt often. Robert also hates Thugnificent.

  1. Chop, chop, chop, judo flip!
  2. She then ties him up and holds him at gunpoint.
  3. She even teases him about how he should know better than to mess around with white women.
  4. You think I like going out there, and saying this ridiculous shit?
  5. In the bathroom mirror, he sees his reflection become the reflection of Stinkmeaner and runs away.
  6. And seeking revenge, Granddad's hate may cause him to be yet another clone of Stinkmeaner.
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Boondocks granddad internet dating

Robert, having experienced the Civil Rights Movement firsthand, doesn't take the slighting of his race lightly. She then binds him and puts him with her other captives. For personal and non-commercial use only. Almost all men who took Zortafrinex experienced a severe loss in sexual performance.

All the evidence you could possibly need is right in front of your face. Huey is still disturbed by his dream. It's also shown that Ruckus and his group are the only ones dressed in that Mad Max gear, which Thugnificent points out.

Compatible device and high-speed, broadband Internet connection required. Also, he has recently discovered internet dating and is aware of social networks such as MySpace. Robert has been seen dating both black and white women.

Riley quickly calls him out on it that he just got it from the film. Uncle Ruckus was so emotionally scarred that combined with copying his mother's extreme love of white people, he learned to hate most black people. How you gonna sell a script, dating asshole?

The Boondocks Season 4 Episode 6 Grandad Dates a Kardashian

The Boondocks

He also treat Riley and Huey differently, he often goes by what Riley says instead of Huey. Hey Tom, shut the fuck up! You know, like, you supposed to put your homie over a ho.

Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch

The Boondocks (Western Animation) - TV Tropes

Notably the episode has moments involving winks at the Mortal Kombat franchise. Especially notable is that mouth movement is not smooth in the series, unlike most Western animated shows. Oh, she did this to you, and now you're doing it to us, and it's getting old, it's getting real old, old man! Robert treats Riley the way he does because of the way Riley disobeys Robert's authority.

Robert Jebediah Freeman is the tritagonist of The Boondocks. After a fight with Granddad goes viral, Stinkmeaner turns into an instant celebrity. When Riley want to get in trouble Huey often stops him but when granddad comes Riley tells what happens and lets Riley go away free. Granddad co-stars on a reality show when he begins dating Kardashia, a newly discovered Kardashian sister. During their conversation, Robert talks to Ruckus about his recent date and luck with women in internet dating.

Bitch can't you see fall back away from me. According to the self-hating Ruckus, these are the things that the black man fears the most. One of Roberts is on episode one while in the car he spells behave wrong.

Robert Freeman

Afterward, she finally breaks down, number one free hookup site but Granddad tells her she was far too special to even consider dating such men. He is voiced by John Witherspoon. You the one who said he kissed a guy. Just imagine all the problems we could avoid if we just listened to you.

Huey Freeman Riley Freeman. Robert's date begins questioning him as to the racket coming from upstairs. Grandad kneels down next to Riley to console him. Huey runs up to Stinkmeaner and does a spin-kick, which Stinkmeaner easily stops by blocking and back fist-ing Huey in his face across the living room. Oddly enough, he's the only one of the crew who wouldn't mind having a normal day job like flipping burgers at Wendy's.

Huey and Robert look at each other and get an idea. Huey and the Christmas Play. Give that man everything I've got. You can't have Tom's wife or his booty.

It's the world premier and that's not just around here that's the whole world. It turns out that the media blew things out of proportion. If Total Scrotal Implosion should occur, call your doctor right away. Look out, Catcher, behind you! Heck, at on point, Granddad even references the climax of the film where Craig fought Deebo, only with him in Craig's role.

  • Not to be confused with The Boondock Saints.
  • It even opens with the quote from Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • Long-dou, the Chinese rival of Ed Wuncler I.
  • On the train to Faggotsville?

Like the comic strip, this series satirizes many issues about African Americans and the United States in general, but takes a different approach to it. All the slaves are delighted except Tobias, the only slave on the plantation who obeys Lynchwater's orders despite being treated badly by him. However the fourth season was not, autism dating app as he was busy working on Black Jesus at the time.

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Maybe there's another explanation. Oh look you see that nigga flip from tree to tree like on some old Tarzan shit? She later regrets it and punches a hole in the wall for beating up Huey.

He's basically saying this is the only character black women would be happy with, but there's no way she's going to be in the cast. He then gets possessed by Stinkmeaner. He acts more like a mafioso than a wigger though.

Huey especially dislikes when Robert tries to force this antiquated notion on him, interpreting this as an attempt to change him into a person he's not. Robert sends a distress email to Riley from the bathroom before managing to escape just as Tom is entering. Robert has been shown to have mastery with his use of a belt, online dating writing due to his experience of using it on Riley often.

The Boondocks HD Season 3 Episode 6 Smokin with Cigarettes
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