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But, i suspect, an unstated agenda is lost tax revenue from offshore business. Luckily for us my people tell me Bush has a home game. They sure as hell bailed on him.

Vegas, and all things connected to same. Did Senator Clinton try to stop the online gambling bill? They should be thrown out. Your support will be greatly appreciated! Land based Casinos, naturally.

The unstated and, I believe, the true, reason is that billions of U. It was reported that Frist is attempting to attach an amendment to a supplemental defense appropriations bill that would ban the use of credit cards to fund online gambling. Congress that has already passed a bill is looking to ban online gambling for a couple of reasons. If Frist succeeds with this, casino gambling win don't think they're not going to push for the more comprehensive bill as well.

What does Harrah's Entertainment do? Bill doesn't like gambling. Is this pig running for re-election?

Bill Frist, the downfall of online poker and jobs being lost in Dublin and the rest of the World. We a newly formed non-profit organization lobbying Congress with every intention of defeating this and any legislation aimed at taking away your right to gamble online.

The bottom line is special interest groups are driving these decisions accross the country and it is these special interest groups we need to battle. Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Some of the more extreme fringes are taking it a step further, saying that offshore gaming sites are havens for money laundering operations. What if next time they piggyback a bill to ban MySpace? It is true that the First Amendment guarantees that every citizen shall be free to practice whatever religion they choose, or none at all.

That said, I'm a member of the Poker Players Alliance, and I strongly suggest that everyone else be one too. This is both a commonly known and fiercely protected figure in the gaming community. Taking a step back, what exactly is going on?

One newsletter I get had an article on this today and I agree with what will happen. Our freedom is taken piece by piece from us. Its time to step up and start fighting hard. The time for action is not two months from now. All of course assuming it just bans credit cards.

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And now, why does the government have the right to stop my concentual action of gambling with my money? How many people are already turned off by the relative complication in getting a Neteller or Firepay account going? Why does the government think they have a right to his money when people get together and gamble with their own money? Maybe trying to win a seat at the World Poker Finals next month.

He has certainly earned it. First of all, people should not be allowed to gamble with borrowed money. Why can people spend their money on state lotteries without fear of breaking the law? If so, how much you wanna bet this maggot gets re-elected?

Trinkets take away from dollars that can be used to fund this fight. To say the Internet Casino business in the United States is reeling is a major understatement. This press release just adds to my overall frustration, with the two party system. The founders never incorporated this idea into the document, and no subsequent amendment has incorporated it.

These same people need to stop poker with all the nasty things going around these days? Hopefully others dont feel the same way you do. This legislation is to clear the field and eliminate competition from those big casinos. Sandra, good luck with that. Seriously, since almost no credit card companies in the U.

Bill frist online gamblingBill frist online gambling

The online poker companies named in the federal indictment are either already broke, or heading in the same direction. This brings us back to Pocket Kings in Dublin. That said, of course the gambling bill is a silly, incoherent attempt to prohibit an activity the government should not prohibit. Party Poker, the largest operator, announced that they will stop accepting U. Nobody has ever offered proof of it, but that won't stop Rep.

Bill frist online gambling

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What the majority of the country and your constituency wants is secondary, at best. How is Vegas such an untouchable entity, while competing online poker sites are being toppled like a house of cards as we speak?