Aria pro ii serial dating, aria (guitar company)

Aria (guitar company)

The through neck doesn't look centred, there's more neck-through on the bass side and the bridge is off-centre too. Can't seem to find it online. Yours looks the other way around.

How to Identify the Manufacture Date of an Aria Guitar
Aria Pro II Les Paul Identification Help
  • Matsumoku often preferred using Aria as its business agent, and many of Matsumoku's contracts were written by Aria with Matsumoku stated or implied as sub-contracted manufacturer.
  • Well that's the thing with Aria's.
  • There is a huge debate about the effect of body wood on tone.
  • Much can be said about this guitar.

Display as a link instead. Long tenon glued into the body with two additional screw fixings within the neck pickup cutout. It's a Les Paul Custom copy in gold hardware. Home What's new Latest activity Authors. Unlike most hollow bodies, it is not light.

If anyone has information on the age of the A, I'd appreciate it. Oh, and mine's currently in pieces and the body's down to bare ply. The electronics crapped out after about two years, and the frets were showing serious wear after just over a year.

Dating Aria Guitars (Guitarsite)

Dating Aria Guitars

Aria (guitar company)

Need help identify this aria pro II

Information about Matsumoku's contribution to guitar making is better known now due in large part to the Internet. Good stuff, but bc of the age, carbon dating minimum age best to play one in person when deciding to buy one - unless you can set up guitars. The relationship between the two companies was both amicable and symbiotic. Their poly finish sucks and it's too thick. Just make sure it's a made in Japan model.

The model number is faded but it looks like a W to start off. My money's on yours being a Korean-built example. And it is most certainly not the same guitar as the seller linked. Just don't pay for something you aren't getting. These guitars are almost too pretty to play.

They set up well in my experience. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. It was a one year only model and somewhat different from the later models. Not sure of age, or maker, matters of life could be a Royji Matsuoka? In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Why get a Japanese off-brand when for a few hundred dollars more you could get a Gibson or Fender? It also has a laser-cut closed sound hole and it is acoustic electric. It would be great if I could put a date and model number to it.

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Electra played by Eddie Kirkland. The wood and craftsmanship are gorgeous. However most were, speed dating wikipedia free maple bodies. Id say wack some pictures up on here and someone is bound to have a fair idea if the exact date cant be obtained.

Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search. Here are the pictures that I have. Louis Music imported Matsumoku built Electra Guitars. This created a very strong neck not prone to splitting or warping.

Aria Bass Serial Numbers

Aria Pr II serial number

Gibson restructured after being sold by Norlin and began to move its Epiphone production to other Japanese manufacturers and to Korea. It's definitely made in Japan. Yes the neck is pretty thin towards the nut.

Nothing seams to match the numbers on deferent dating charts. Just type in law suit guitars. Any information regarding this instrument would be appreciated. Large block mother of pearl inlays. Still no idea on the date.

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It certainly makes a difference, but a great set of pickups, pots, and a solid nut and bridge setup. Please let me know if you get any info. These guitars have much better hardware. It's in beautiful condition and the sounds is absolutely smooth. My father recently passed away and I was left the beautiful guitar!

How to date my aria pro 2 - Bass Guitars - Basschat

As you learn more about Aria you'll see that models came and went from the catalogue with stunning regularity. Aria Diamond was a name chosen for its early hollow bodied electric guitars. While trawling the internet I came across an Aria with the same serial number as mine. The lack of serial number is the same. Dave from Louisiana - I just got a G at a pawn shop i Austin with serial number that came off the line two guitars before yours!

Just thinking that the guarantee refers to other guitar. It has a solid spruce top and solid Indian rosewood back and sides. The Arai company has used different logos on their instruments over the years. Search Forums Recent Posts. As ever, pictures would go a long way to helping you out.

Do you know it's current value given that is in vgc. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Gibson changed the look and sound of Epiphone's best selling archtop, the Casino, when production shifted to Japan.

Need help identify this aria pro II

  1. Wondering is it worth fixing.
  2. Unfortunately it doesn't have any serial number.
  3. Don't know much about it, can anyone help?
  4. These Ash Bodied Guitars were only produced in extremely small numbers for the domestic market.
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American owned Unicord contracted Matsumoku to build most of its Univox and Westbury guitars. That nice understated retro-metal look might go a couple of quid in your favour at the right time and in the right place. All are showing some wear to the gold finish.

Same configuration as mine. Some bridges were made of pot metal. But for the most part they occupied a lower rung than companies like Greco, Tokai, and Burny. It is in rosewood and have the Three of life on the neck and the back is tree pice.

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